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Day 56: Peters Mountain Shelter to William Penn Shelter (30.8 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

July 7, 2004 - 30.8 miles over lots of rocks today. The big rocks aren’t bad, you can jump from one to another. The bad ones are the small pointy rocks which make you walk around to avoid them. Made it 6 miles to the first spring, the one at the shelter was too steep and long to go to refill. After refilling I had a 1000 ft climb up 3 miles of loose rocks. Had a south-bounder say how bad it would be. Made it up in no time, a lot easier than the guy made it out to be. Forgot to write about the 2 huge rattlesnakes I saw. Was walking when I heard this loud rattle sound. I stepped back and looked around and saw it. I was about 2 ft from it. Glad that it rattled rather than bite. I know a hiker was close behind so I waited to tell him to look out for the snake. He showed up and saw another on the rocks above. Other than that not much happened today. Just a lot of hiking over rocks. I did have to take a road detour because of road construction on I-81. Well, I should make it to Port Clinton, PA tomorrow. Off to bed for me. One last thing, while climbing Stony Mt there must have been 30 Army fighter planes fly over. I couldn’t see them because of the trees but I sure could hear them. Thought someone had declared war on Penn.

The famous rocky trail Pennsylvania

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