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Day 55 - enter the Great Divide Basin (41.0 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 3, 2021

Miles: 41.0 miles

Steps: 79,896

Got a good nights sleep at a nice campsite. Woke up at the normal time and while packing up a truck drove by. I was kind of surprised to see one I was out in the middle of no where. The guy ended up being from Tulsa as he was out scouting places to hunt.

Got moving by 6am and had 6 miles until the next water source. I left a little earlier than Roger That so walked the gravel road by myself.

Roger That showed up soon after I did at the water so we hiked out together. We hiked the dirt road almost all together until the water source 11 miles down trail. It is nice to talk to someone for awhile.

Took a longer break at this creek, this had a bridge which provided some shade, only shade I would see all day.

Roger That left 10 minutes before me and I would never catch him again, I will see him in town. He was always about a half mile ahead of me and with the wide open road I could see for miles so he was almost always in site. For someone reason he never took a break, he had to have hiked 20+ miles without stopping.

The afternoon hike was nice on the rolling hills. It had great views and very different from Colorado. Weather was actually very nice, it could be warmer but a lot of people called this the desert. I did have a nice breeze at times and the clouds would cover up the sun every once in awhile. I did break out my sun umbrella a few times. I was surprised I got a few rain sprinkles as no dark clouds at all.

I made great time and was hiking 3.75 mph all day until about 7 miles from camp where I left the road and the CDT took me across a field to where I had to bushwhack for 3 miles, no visible trail just a few posts to follow. That part was pretty rough. Earlier in the day Roger That mention about just going to whole way to Rawlings. I was split on it as that would be about a 50 mile day and I had never hiked more than 40 so I didn’t think it was a good idea. I knew for sure I didn’t want to after that bushwhacking.

I got to the campsite right around 7pm and Roger That was no where in site so it appeared he had decided to move onto Rawlins tonight or a lot closer than where we had planned.

The campsite was ok, had picnic tables, trash can and pit toilet but then I see a big hill right in front of me and see that’s the trail. I hate steep climbs first thing in the morning so I tackle the 250 foot climb that’s only a quarter of a mile long. At the top I found a flat spot to pitch my tent. I had to hurry to do it as there were ants everywhere. After getting all my gear in the tent I tried to eat dinner outside but wherever I sat there were ants so I did something I never do and that’s eat dinner in my tent.

I’ve gone through all my food except I have 2 pop tarts for breakfast in the morning. I think this is the first time on this trip I’ll be going into town with no food.

I did see lots of wild life today including elk, cows, a snake, a rabbit, lizards and a few badgers. Those badgers were very mean.

I’ve got 9 miles to Rawlins and will be staying in a hotel tomorrow night so hopefully I’ll be able to check in early.

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