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Day 55: Darlington Shelter to Peters Mountain Shelter (22.7 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

July 6, 2004 - Another hot day but not as bad as yesterday. Slept in late until 7 then made my way to Duncannon for supplies. I didn’t have any water to drink after breakfast so I made it 10 miles without any. With one mile to go a Trail Angel had left a case of juice for hikers, it tasted so good. In town I walked the ½ mile off the trail to the supermarket. As I was leaving the store a woman saw I was hiker and asked if I wanted a ride. I didn’t ask her at all. It sure beat walking back. Hiked the 1 mile through the town then went back to the mountains with a nice uphill. Hiked to Peter Mt Shelter and ate a whole package of hotdogs, 8 in all. Now it’s getting close to bedtime. Just 22.7 miles for the day, taking it easy.

Duncannon, PA

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