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Day 52: Pogo Memorial Campsite to Rocky Mountain Shelter (29.2 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

July 3, 2004 - Had a great night’s sleep. Got hiking by 8 and made great time down to Pen Mar Park which is right on the border of Maryland and Penn, .2 mile away from the border. Lots of families there eating, none offered me any food so I left and crossed the Mason-Dixie Line, so now I’m in the North. Now I’m in Penn which is very rocky and you have to watch every step you take. Got a good view from Chimney Rocks. Then hiked the 5 miles down to the shelter where I met Goose for the 3rd time. We keep passing one another when one goes into town. I’ll pass the ½ way mark tomorrow where you have to eat a ½ gallon of ice cream, I can’t wait. 29.2 miles for the day.

Maryland/Pennsylvania Border (Mason Dixon Line)

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