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Day 52 - last full day in Colorado (30.5 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

June 30, 2021

Miles: 30.5 miles

Steps: 65,887

I let myself sleep in as I was in no rush to hike. I was kind of surprise how dry my tent was after the rain last night. I did have a lot of direct sunlight shinning on my tent when I got up.

I ended up having breakfast right next to the cliffs with an amazing view before starting out my day at 8am.

I was above tree line all morning, slowly hiking up my last little peak. I never felt like I was climbing as I would go up and down. Just before the top, dark clouds started forming so I got a move on and down to tree cover.

On the way down I started to hear thunder which made me move faster. By the time I got to tree cover not much had happened so I ate some food and moved on. That area was very wet from all the snow melt.

I still had more miles to decent down to the valley. For the most part it was a nice trail down.

At the bottom I joined a gravel road. With the rest of the day I would alternate between a road and trail.

I did find a nice stream to cool off in and soak my sore legs.

Towards the end of the day I had to take a detour around the CDT because of the bridge across the big creek was out. I thought about going through but the look of the detour appeared to be the same length, didn’t want to gamble as the creek didn’t look too bad to cross but you never know what it looks like upstream.

After the detour and back on trail I had a nice little climb, longer and steeper than expecting but near the top I got a great view of where I had hiked from.

I had planned to stop about 2 miles before camp to eat dinner, trying to get in the habit of not eating at camp. Like yesterday the mosquitos had other plans as they basically made me hike all the way to my campsite to eat dinner.

Looking for an early start as I only have 11 miles to the Wyoming border. Plus trying to hit town as early as possible.

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