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Day 5: Scissors Crossing to Barrel Springs (23.7 miles)

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

May 12, 2016 - The plan was to wake up at 4am so I could get an early start because I had a big uphill exposed climb first thing and went to get going before it got too hot. However 4am came around and I wasn’t feeling it so I went back to sleep for another hour. Got on trail by 5:45am right after that loud group from last night got moving. It didn’t take me long to pass most of them. One had some bad blisters and was trying to hike in flip flops, that was the last I saw of her. I made great time going up, luckily the trail was on the west side of the mountain so the sun’s rays didn’t hit the trail for awhile making for an enjoyable morning hike.

Starting off from camp I had 14 miles to the reliable water cache. Normally I wouldn’t count on a water cache but this one is listed as one can count on and if the water is out its just quarter mile to a small stream. My morning was goal was to hike 7 miles then rest for about 30 minutes then head the rest of the way. I found a great shady spot at my halfway point overlooking the mountains I had come from yesterday. Right as I was about to leave 2 other hikers stopped by so I decided to stay a little extra and chat with them.

I was able to use my umbrella most of the morning but there were times I had to put it away because of the wind, didn’t want to have it break again.

Got to the water cache just before 11am. The water cache is lots and lots of giant bottles of water for hikers to use since the section is so hot and dry. After getting some water I found a shady spot and relaxed/slept for 4 hours to avoid the midday heat. Saw lots of people come and go. I got pretty restless and was kind of boreds just sitting around in the heat and really cold sleep either.

Then at 3pm I packed up everything and to hike the 10 miles to Barrel Spring to camp. The first 5 miles was all uphill and was able to use my umbrella most of it. Then my resting spot was about half way to camp at the top of the mountain which had a small cave called Billy Goats. The cave wasn’t very big and looked manmade so not sure why it was there.

Those 5 miles uphill weren’t so bad, I was expecting it to be worst. After all the uphill hike earlier in the day the last 5 miles to camp downhill was a cakewalk, not to mention it was mostly in shade and had great views.

Soon before arriving at in camp I hit the 100 mile mark.

Got into camp and got water, ate dinner and set up my tent. Didn’t chat with everyone as they were all starting to go to bed as I started dinner. Once I left the water cache I didn’t see another hiker so was hoping to talk with someone.

Tomorrow should be a great day as I’ll hit Eagle Rock first thing then head to Warner Springs for real food and resupply.

Getting out of the sun mid day at the 3 Gate Water Cache

Miles and miles of trail towards the bottom

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