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Day 5 - Out of the desert but for how long (23.0 miles)

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

May 14, 2021

Miles: 23.0 miles

Steps: 52,836

Well the plan was to wake up around the same time, 4:45am, just so I got through this next 5 miles of desert section done with before the sun would be over the mountains. However that was not the case. I had such a hard time sleeping for some reason I just couldn’t get myself up and moving.

Finally at 5:50am I packed everything up and was on trail by 6:30am. It was a straight shot east for 5 miles. Ran into more cows, what a surprise. I crossed a fence and went north up some gravel roads. It was a continuous uphill climb all morning but really not that bad. At campsite I was at 4,480 feet then once over the mountain peak I got to 6,600 feet over 11.5 miles.

On the way up I stopped at a cow trough to fill up on water. There was a pipe that filled the trough when ever it gets low. It was almost full so it was hard to get water straight out of the pipe as it was cleaner than what was in the trough. I had my water filter to take out any bad stuff.

Just as I was starting to fill up about a dozen cows come out of no where. Lucky for me they were on the other side the fence so I didn’t have to worry about them running me off. Those cows could drink water. I was surprised how fast that water level dropped.

At the top peak I stopped for a quick break before the 3.5 mile hike down to the road and next water cache. This was my first water cache that wasn’t included in my shuttle trip to the start. This one is maintained by volunteers so it could be a gamble if any would be there. There was plenty for me to fill up.

At the water cache spot I ate lunch and was relaxing until I saw rain clouds rolling in. Also could start to hear thunder. Since I had planed to be here for awhile I set up my tent in case it started to rain.

I did hit my head on a branch which wasn’t too fun. Probably have a concussion but just add that to the list.

Even though it looked like it was going to rain it never did so I tried laying inside my tent but got pretty hot so went outside under a tree. Pretty soon as I was about to start packing everything up a car rolled into the area. It happened to be a trail angel who stocks the water cache. She stopped to check on it and gave me a popsicle which hit the spot. She also said she manages the other water cache in the area, about 7 miles down trail, and said there was plenty.

After she left I packed everything up and headed towards the next water cache and my camping spot for the night. It was a very nice change of pace as it felt more like I was on a national scenic trail and not walking on dirt roads.

Got to the water cache a little after 7pm. Filled up on water then found a spot to camp. After setting up camp I made dinner. This is an interesting area. It’s labeled a trailhead but feels more like a campground as there is lots of space to camp. Also there are several cars here with trailers.

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