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Day 48 - relaxing in Grand Lake (0.0 miles)

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

June 26, 2021

Miles: 0.0 miles

Steps: 8,796

Sure was nice to sleep in a real bed last night even though I couldn’t sleep past 6am.

Since I’m staying at a house with a small kitchen I was able to make my own breakfast of pancakes and sausage with a giant glass of chocolate milk.

Spent the rest of the morning cleaning up my gear before heading into town to do laundry, eat lunch and buy a new pair of shoes.

Had to walk a little over a mile into town to the laundry mat.

While my clothes were washing I went down the main street in town to Grand Pizza where I ordered a calzone to take back to the laundry mat. With it being a Saturday that area was packed with some kind of festival going on.

Just as I got back it started to pour so after putting my clothes into the dryer I enjoyed my calzone.

After my clothes were dried I found the camping outfitter to get a new pair of shoes. My old pair took a beating on the rocky trails of Colorado.

Then it was back to the house but right after leaving it started to rain again. Luckily I had all my rain gear so I stayed dry.

Took a nap right after getting back then just hung around until it was time to make dinner of pasta. After dinner took an epsom salt bath to help with the sore muscles.

Looking for an early start as I have a 5 mile road walk on the highway. I’m missing about 30 miles of trail as that part of CDT is closed because of the Rocky Mountain National Park fire last year.

Thanks to my friend Parker for letting me stay at his lake house.

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