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Day 48: Glen Aulin High Sierras Camp to CS975 (27.1 miles - 975.4)

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

June 24, 2016 - Had a good night sleep and out hiking by 6:45am. I started off going the wrong direction, so many trails in Yosemite and no real PCT markers. I soon figured out the right way and I was off.

Started off with an easy uphill through the woods then at the top went straight down, that was pretty much how the day went. Had lots of up and downs and no real view so made for a boring day.

Ate lunch just before Benson Pass where I met a mom and son thru-hiker, the boy is 9 and was sick at the time so they were just staying in the area until he felt better.

Benson Pass ended up being harder than I thought, lost the trail a few times, tends to happen when you have snow covering the trail.

After the pass it was a steep downhill with a surprise uphill in snow then back downhill to a fast moving creek that I had to ford, many creeks were crossed today.

The last part of day was a 3 mile climb up 1500 feet. It seemed to take forever but I made it to the top by 6:30pm. I waited for Blue, we hiked on and off with each other today. We found a few small spots to set up camp near a lake then went off to fill up on water so I could eat and have enough water for in the morning as I always hate having to do chores in the morning, I just want to pack up and get hiking.

Now that I have gone pass the John Muir Trail the woods aren’t nearly as crowded.

Benson Pass

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