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Day 43: Muir Pass Hut to CS871 (32.4 miles - 870.9)

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

June 19, 2016 - I was surprised at how warm that hut kept us last night, being at 12,000 feet and surrounding by snow you would think it would be cold. There ended up being 4 of us in the hut overnight. It made some weird noises when someone would snore or cough. I believe it’s was just the 2nd time while on trail I didn’t sleep in my tent.

Got up at 6am and moving by 6:30am which I had a 3.5 mile snowfield to cross. Didn’t take as long as I thought. Having mircospikes helped a lot hiking on the hard and icy snow. This was the one time I was able to out hike Salty on a downhill as he just had his sandals.

After the snow field I got to Evolution Lake that took me slowly down into the valley floor where I saw numerous creeks and waterfalls, that was really a trend for the day.

Before I got to the bottom of the valley I had to cross Evolution Creek which can be very dangerous because of high and fast moving water. I took the alternate suggested by some southbounds. The creek I the meadow is much less dangerous as its very wide so it only ended up being knee high but very slow moving. After getting back on trail I come out to the actual crossing which didn’t look bad at all, could have easily crossed at that point.

I then followed the creek all the way down to the bottom, crossing several bridges. I then take my lunch break 17 miles in. During lunch I got in the ice cold creek to help loosen up my legs.

After lunch I had a big uphill climb over Selden Pass, 3,000 feet over 7 miles. My guidebook said its suppose to be the easiest pass, I didn’t think so. I was making great time the first half but then it got steep quick which caused my legs to tire out. I was pushing it too hard in hopes to finish fast. However, I was still passing a lot of people but when it started to level out that was the last I saw anyone until the other side.

About a mile to go up I come across several lakes then the trail got really steep and the snow made for a missable climb up, had a hard time finding the trail. Finally at the top I took a quick snack break then began my descent. There was a lot more snow than I thought so it took forever to go the 2.5 miles to camp, well where I thought I would camp.

I get to the campsite that Salty and I had talked about and don’t see him so I head down to the Bear Creek crossing. There were a few guys camped next to the creek and they said Salty was just left not long ago so I crossed a very fast moving creek, again I was told it can be a dangerous crossing but I was able to get across safely. I was surprised it wasn’t worst because evening is the worst time to do a cross as the creeks are at their fullest from day snow melt. On the other side still no sign of Salty so I ate dinner and just planned to camp there but the bug were too bad. I knew there was a camp 1.5 miles down so I hope the bugs would be better there, they weren’t. I never did see Salty but I hope I run into him tomorrow. My legs are pretty tired after a 30+ mile day in the Sierras.

Hiker viewing one of the many mighty snow melt streams heading from the mountain tops

Evolution Creek in Evolution Meadows

Starting the climb towards Selden Pass

View from Selden Pass

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