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Day 41: Hog Camp Gap to Maupin Field Shelter (28.2 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

June 22, 2004 - Good night’s sleep. I got a banana for breakfast given to me by Dan, leader of the church group. Fresh fruit is real nice to have since it’s hard to get. Then I was off for an easy morning. Ran into Goose again and ate lunch with him just before the first big climb of the day. First climb went well up The Priest then a long descent down to Tye River, 3000 ft down, then one of the hardest climbs I’ve had (Three Ridge). There is a reason it’s called Three Ridge because as soon as you get to a peak you think you’re at the top then realize you have more climbing to do. On the last ridge to climb it was almost vertical. I was so glad when I got to the top, only 3 miles to the shelter to eat lots of food. Made good time and after unpacking my pack I ate as much food as I could since I was re-supplying the next day. After dinner Bilbo showed up, haven’t seen him since Damascus. Glad to have him back. I like having someone to hike with. Bedtime, so I can wake up early and get to town to eat food.

Three Ridge

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