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Day 41 - hike around Twin Lakes (28.6 miles)

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

June 19, 2021

Miles: 28.6 miles

Steps: 63,291

Started the day hiking around Twin Lakes. I easily could have taken the shortcut to town but for some reason that just didn’t feel right even though I had taken other shortcuts along the trail. However I would have missed out on some great views.

It was about 10 miles all the way around the lake to the highway where I walked the mile into town, never tried to hitch.

Once I got into town I went to the general store where they are very hiker friendly. They have a tent set outside for the hikers and have a charging station. However the owner of the boat rental next door was not so hiker friendly. He was kind of a jerk to me when I started to take out my wet stuff from last night, it rained, to dry off. He said I would be driving costumers away and to do that across the street. I’m guessing he has had some bad experiences with hikers before. Not to argue I did as he said.

After getting my gear out in the sun I went inside the general store to resupply and buy a few things to eat for lunch. The owner was very nice and even gives hikers a discount. He told me where a good place to eat so after packing up my resupply I went to the food truck for a hamburger and ribbon fries that I took back to the general store to talk with the other hikers.

Right as I was getting all finished up one of the hikers was about to leave and had already had scheduled a ride back to the trail. I was going to hitch as I didn’t want to hike uphill on the road, so I joined him on the ride back.

As soon as I got back on trail it started to rain. I forgot to uploaded my blog so did that real quick while I still had cell service. By the time I got that done the rain stopped.

Had an uphill for awhile as I was heading towards Mt Elbert. Once I got to the turnoff I went back down towards the trailhead for Mt Massive. Then back uphill I went for awhile.

I took a late afternoon break which is when the rain started back up again. It rained off and on for about an hour. Then right as I was ready to leave it started clearing up and was nice again.

Hiked all the way to camp and was trying to make it before dark. I would had made it easy but I had spend way too much time in town.

Got to my scheduled campsite and had a hard time finding it. I almost was ready to walk another mile but it was just about dark then finally found the flat spots in the area.

I’m hoping for a big day tomorrow so I can catch the bus early the next day into Frisco. My achilles had been hurting pretty much all day so I hope it feels better tomorrow.

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