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Day 4 - Back in Lordsburgh

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

May 13, 2021

Miles: 25.8 miles

Steps: 59,845

That was such a quiet night. There was not a single sound. No wind, bugs, or animals, just nothing, was kind of odd thing and a little scary.

The plan was to wake up at 4:30am but that came around and just laid around for 15 minutes before packing up.

Ended up on trail by 5:15am with needing my headlamp for about 30 minutes until there was enough light to see. The sun didn’t make its way over the mountain until about 6:20am.

Like yesterday following the trail through the flat section was difficult as you would be on trail and sudden disappear then look over to see a post away from where you are.

Made in the 4 miles to the water tank. Filled enough to get me to the next and final water cache.

The rest of the day was spend hiking through cattle ranches to the last water cache.

After filling up on 2 liters of water and a long 45 minute break I started the last 7 miles back to Lordsburgh. The trail left the gravel roads and back on a normal trail. Then with the last mile into town was on a paved road.

Once in town I stopped at Kransburry’s Restaurant for burger and fries. After eating I went next door to the KOA to see about a shower and laundry but I had to stay the night in order to get those services so I moved on down the street to the grocery store.

After picking up supplies to get me to Silver City I called home to check on some things. Then just hung around outside the store in the shade to relax and let my electronics charge. So far my solar charger has worked well. It does take a lot of sun to do it but I’ve had plenty.

Then finally I got moving around 5:30pm to take the road out of town. It was a good 3 miles or so before I left the paved highway and onto a dirt way, not so much a trail but this big open dirt field.

I walked straight on that for awhile until I came across a group of cows. I had to go out of my way several times. The look by the bulls was that they were ready to charge at me. After zigzagging the trail I was past the cows and headed back to the trail. Bypassing the cows I was walking through brush. All of a sudden I feel this stabbing pain in my foot. I stopped and grab my shoe and pull a large thorn out of the bottom, was like a needle. It was strong enough to go through all that foam. I took my shoe off to see the damage to my foot but can’t see anything and I really only felt the pain when I made that first step, it must had barely made it to my foot.

After a half mile later I found I spot to camp just as it was getting dark. I’m a little tired after that early start and carrying out almost 5 liters of water as I could have a 20 mile water carry. It’s probably going to be an early start to avoid the heat.

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