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Day 39: Thunder Hill Shelter to Johns Hollow Shelter (16.3 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

June 20, 2004 - Happy Father’s Day. I wish I had access to a phone to call home to wish my dad a happy father’s day. I’ll have to wait a few days until Waynesboro. I had such a great night’s sleep. It was very cold out last night so no bugs. Didn’t even get out of bed until 8 am and not on the trail until 9:45. It was a great morning, taking my time in the camp talking with Traildawg, Coughdrop, and Deeds. I had to get going even though I could have stayed longer. One of the best weather days I’ve had on the trail, not too hot and not too cold with blue skies and sunshine. Things were going great for 10 miles; felt like myself again, no pain, then I hit a rock with my bad foot (didn’t bring my foot high enough). It really hurt, so I took an early lunch break hoping I didn’t do too much damage. After lunch it hurt but not as bad as when I hit the rock. So I made it down to James River and to the next shelter. I’m thinking of staying because I’ve put in 16 miles already and would get another 9 to the shelter but I don’t want to push the ankle too much, so I’ll probably stay.

Johns Hollow Shelter

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