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Day 36 - lots of climbing (33.8 miles)

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

June 14, 2021

Miles: 33.8 miles

Steps: 73,806

I really wanted to wake early so I could get to Monarch Pass, 35 miles down trail. I was just too tired so ended up sleeping late and didn’t get to hiking until 7am. I thought for sure I wouldn’t make it as I didn’t think I could hike the pace I did yesterday as I heard I might have snow ahead along with a lot of climbing, 6,100 ft.

The trail started out uphill on very rocky trail so it was hard to manage 3mph. But as the morning went on it started to level out some and become less rocky, so was able to pick up the pace a little.

Finally got out of the woods and in an open pasture and a much better trail. Took it all the way down to a creek before I started even more climbing.

The first mile or 2 wasn’t so bad but then it got steep. Had to climb over 1,100 feet in 1.5 miles. At times it was so steep it felt more like rock climbing than hiking.

After the steep part I had some dirt motorcycles stop right next to me to look at the view. I found it odd they allow motorcycles on the trail.

I took off as I had more uphill to do. I had those motorcycles guy pass me again later.

Once at the top I took a long lunch break with a nice breeze under a tree.

Had a nice downhill and my notes said I was suppose to run into a snowfield but it was from a few days ago. When I got to that spot most of it had melted so it wasn’t an issue. However, there were a lot of down trees that I had to climb over. I thought I would have snow issues most of the way to the pass but it’s been really warm of late so it’s melting fast.

Once down at the bottom I had one more climb for the day, 1,000 feet but over 3 miles so wasn’t so bad.

Once at the top I got a nice hike on the ridge. I soon stop to eat dinner around 7pm.

The rest of the evening to camp was hiking along the ridge. I got to see an amazing sunset and so many great views in all directions. It took me forever to get to camp as I kept taking pictures.

I did want to hurry up and get off the ridge as it looked like there was a thunderstorm building up to the north.

I didn’t make it to Monarch Pass as it started to get dark plus I didn’t think I would find an actual camping spot at the pass.

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