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Day 36: 4 Pine Hostel to Lamberts Meadow Shelter (16.1 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

June 17, 2004 - After 1.5 days away from the trail I was ready to get back on. Took my first zero day since I started hiking. Most people have already had several. There were just too many people staying at the hostel. It was turning into one big frat party. Too much drinking and smoking plus stupidity (they were jumping bikes into the pond). Didn’t want to take the zero day but I knew my ankle needed it. The morning started off great; beautiful weather with no rain and my ankle didn’t hurt so much. I made it to McAfee Knob for some really good views. Also, I ran into the church group again (I spent 2 nights with them before). So I decided to take an early lunch and chat with them. Today was their last day on the trail. They had planned on going a little more north but because of all the rain they would head back down to the shelter they stayed at last night and leave in the morning. They were a great group of people. They always gave me their left-over food. The leader of the group took some pictures of me and is going to email them to me when he gets back. I said my goodbyes after almost 2 hours there. It was such a great place that I really didn’t want to leave but I was out of water and I needed to move on. Had another great view at Tinker Cliffs where you walk right next to the edge of the mountain. That was fun. Then it was a downhill hike here to Lambert’s Meadow Shelter. I wanted to make it to town to re-supply and move on to the next shelter (15 mile), but thought 16 miles for the day would be best for my ankle. I’m still ahead of schedule so I can afford to take it easy. Bed time then it’s up early for Daleville and some good eating.

McAfee Knob

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