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Day 35 - dreaming of pizza (30.0 miles)

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

June 13, 2021

Miles: 30.0 miles

Steps: 63,553

Not sure why I set my alarm for 4:45am as I just needed 20 miles by 4pm to meet Brad at highway 114. I went back to sleep but Swift looked to be all packed up and ready to go. He was use to waking up really earlier because those tough sections of the San Juans you have to hike when it's frozen.

I Went back to sleep for another 30 minutes. It was tough packing up in cold weather again. Once again my shoes and socks were frozen. It took me 5 minutes just to put on my shoes.

Got to hiking by 6:15am and started off on a jeep road heading into the woods. It was enjoyable hiking on a nice level road through the aspen trees.

The jeep road turned into a larger road and began walking in this large pasture. The whole morning was just going up and down through it. Then I cam to a gravel road and went on it just for a half a mile before it turned off onto a forest road. Right at that turn off was a trail angel giving out fruit. I ended up staying there talking with him and 2 other hikers for 30 minutes. Then right before I was able to leave one of the trail caretakers stopped by so we talked with her for a little bite.

Got back to hiking for about 3 miles where I found a nice flat spot to take a lunch break. Spent about hour resting before hiking down to highway 114.

Got down to highway 114 around 2:30pm, and hour and half sooner that I told Brad. There was no shade so I put my pack up against a pole in this parking lot and got my sun umbrella out because it was sunny and warm.

Brad and Becky got there a little after 4pm like we planned. They tried to get there earlier but didn’t realize this gravel parking lot was the trailhead and I was hidden under my umbrella so you really couldn’t see me so they drove right past me at first. They ended up finding me and drove me to a nice shady spot. Then they gave me a large meat pizza along with a variety of drinks to choose from.

We hung out for an hour while I tried to eat the whole pizza, however too much for one person.

I had been wanting fresh pizza this whole trip and it took me 35 days to get it. This was one of the best trail magic I’ve ever gotten. It’s right up their when the McAndrews picked me up in Oregon on my PCT hike.

The Johnsons also gave me some snacks and drinks to go. I thank them as much as I could as this was what I really needed. We arrange for them to pick me up a few day later to let me take a zero day at their place.

Got back on trail but still had 10 more miles to go. Mostly of it was uphill but I had a full belly of pizza to power me up.

At one of the peaks I got a little tired so sat down for a few minutes to recharge before hiking the last hour down to camp.

I did have to go through a little snow but not much.

I did get to see a nice sunset even if it was through the trees.

Got down to the campsite and creek just as it was getting dark so rushed to get water and set up camp. Ended up camping next to the couple I met earlier in the day. No sign of Swift as I’m sure he got in at least 40 miles today.

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