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Day 33 - snowless hike into Creede (24.0 miles)

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

June 11, 2021

Miles: 24.0 miles

Steps: 56,686

It sure was cold this morning. I thought dropping almost 2,000 feet it would be much warmer but there was frost in spots on my tent. Again, my shoes and socks were frozen. It was really hard getting my shoes on as I had to hammer them to loosen them up.

Took me a good hour to pack up and onto trail. Right away I was actually on a dirt trail, easy to see most of the time. There were times where there were lots of down trees so the trail was hidden.

After awhile I got out of the burn section and out into an open meadow surrounded by much more healthier forest. Then entered the woods and had to cross a fast moving creek. There were several logs across so I was able to keep my feet dry. That wasn’t easy and probably should have just walked through as I almost fell off the logs.

Then I had a 1,000 foot climb in the woods that I wasn’t expecting. I just assumed I would follow the creek all the way to Creede.

After about 2 miles I got to the top where it leveled out and left the tree cover and into a meadow where I soon stopped at a stream to fill up on water. Since there was no shade so I walked about a half mile to the woods to take my morning break.

After the break it was a short walk to a gravel road with a trailhead, that would have made a better resting spot.

I had a 4 mile walk on the gravel road to Deep Creek trail. It was all uphill, around 700 feet, but it was very gradual.

Once on Deep Creek trail, which appears to be mainly mountain biking trail, but is also the trail to Creede.

The trail was all downhill and parts were really steep but it was nice hiking with no snow.

The trail followed the creek all the way to the edge of Creede. Once I came out to the road it was a 2.5 mile hike to downtown. Once I got in I hung out at the local park then a couple hikers showed up. I went to an early dinner with them to Kip’s Grill. After ordering my meal the waitress asked who was Greg. One of my coworkers, Carla, knew I was there and paid for my meal.

After dinner went over to the grocery just before they closed to get a resupply. Then went over to the outfitter to take a shower. Then back to Kip’s to do laundry and charge my electrics. Then was back to the ball field to camp in the dugout which is the only free place to stay in town.

Right off the bat in the morning I have a 3,500 foot climb over 11 miles out of Creede.

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