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Day 32: CS684 to Kennedy Meadows (17.7 miles - 702.2)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

June 8, 2016 - Had a good night’s sleep and didn’t roll down the hill. I had less than 20 miles to go to the end of the desert, I couldn’t wait to get moving.

I’m glad I decided to hike a few miles last night so the morning hike up to 8000 feet wasn’t too bad as I was already at 7200 rather than 5200.

My back and knee still hurt from the start but not as bad as yesterday. It didn’t take long for my back to loosen up. My knee bothered me all day like yesterday but after I fixed my knee sleeve the pain almost went away so I was back to hiking at my normal speed.

Once I got to the top at 8000 feet I had a nice long downhill to North Fork Kern River, which was more of a creek in my opinion. Just before the river I finally got some tree cover hiking through a small pine forest. Then the last 4 miles I followed the Kern River to the road that took me to Kennedy Meadows. When I arrived I got a big loud clap from all the hikers hanging out at the store, it’s tradition to greet all hikers as they finish the desert.

When I got in all I wanted was something cold to drink, didn’t matter what it was, so I had a coke and water.

After rehydrating I went to set up my tent in the campground area with all the other hikers. Then back at the general store I picked up my mail drop. This was the largest mail drop I made as it had all my snow gear, bear canister, 6 days of food and new shoes. I had my ice ex sent separately as right before I left on my hike I decided I probably wouldn't need it but after talking with lots of other people I thought it would be best to have it. Luckily I was able to contact my parents several weeks ago and it arrived just in time, I just hope I’ll figure out how to use it as no snow in Oklahoma this past winter for me to test it out on.

After getting everything set up I went with several other hikers to the Grumpy Bear, a small restaurant in town, really the only one in town as Kennedy Meadows isn’t big at all. The food was ok but was nice to be indoors and out of the heat.

Plan to hang out here until at least tomorrow night. Back and knee feel great so probable will only need the 1 zero day.

The hike into Kennedy Meadows

700 mile mark, 2 miles from Kennedy Meadows

Hiking up to the Kennedy Meadows General Store

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