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Day 31: CS654 to CS684 (30.3 miles - 684.5)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

June 7, 2016 - Got an early start since I only had 7 liters to last me all day until a possible water cache 27 miles down trail. I wanted to knock out as many miles as I could in the cool weather before it starts to heat up like it always does.

I was off to a slow start as my back was still really tight, thought I might not make it very far, I was almost in tears thinking I might not make to Kennedy Meadows. Then after a few more minutes of hiking my back started to loosen up. I did several stretches all day to help with the back issues so after that there really no problems. Even though my back was feeling better I was starting to have problems with my left knee again but it loosen up as well as I got going. Hopefully a rest day or 2 in Kennedy Meadows will help heal me.

The day’s hike was a lot of up and down, no real flat spots. Overall it was a boring day in terms of scenery. All I was thinking all day was if I would have enough water. It’s just that time of year in this part where the water sources dry up. Not to mention the recent fire in the area can messed up the water with all the firefighting chemicals.

I made it to the water cache with not much left. Had to get through a lot of jugs to find any with water left. Finally found some and took just what I needed, just a little over a liter. Had I got there a few hours later I probable would have got none. I’m sure there will be some that are counting on that water and won’t get any.

I had planned on camping at that water cache but figured the next few miles were uphill and I don’t like to start the day off with a lot of climbing so I decided to go 2 miles to the next camping spot.

I get there and decide to just go a little farther, wasn’t a fan of that area, lots of trash. I really should have stay because it was starting to get dark and I couldn’t find any flat spot at all. I found one but the ground wasn’t level enough to set up my tent so I had to move on.

Now it was really starting to get dark and was coming close to a saddle which those spots almost always seem to have camping spots. I get there and see nothing but look uphill a little and see a promising spot. I see what look like footprints heading off trail so I’m think there has to be a spot. Sure enough there was this little flat spot which was the perfect size for my tent so I quickly set up camp. I just need to be careful not to move too far to my right otherwise I’ll be rolling down the hill.

I’m just so close to Kennedy Meadows and this trail is throwing one last hurdle at me.

Tent spot on a hill

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