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Day 30: Sugar Run Gap-Wood’s Hole to Stealth Site (14.5 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

June 11, 2004 - Slept okay at Woods Hole last night. Miss Tallie wanted a picture of me before I left for Pearisburg (she takes pictures of all her guest). Freebird told me about all the bats flying around the room this morning right as it was getting light. The place where we were slept in was an old barn with a sitting room downstairs and a bunkhouse upstairs. I slept right through all the bats flying around. Freebird said it was a little scary. Then it was straight to P-Burg, 11 miles, to Pizza Hut lunch buffet. I ran down the mountain to get there. I ate about 20 pieces and 3 cups of Dr. Pepper, I was stuffed. Today I met another guy from Oklahoma. Most of the people I’ve met have been from the east coast. In town I re-supplied food and washed clothes. I tried calling home but there was no answer. Then it was back to the trail or so I thought. I made it ½ mile to the bridge out of town when it started to rain. I hung out under the bridge until the rain stopped. However, it only got worst with thunder and lightning. Luckily there was a store a 100 ft away so I could wait for it to stop. I tried to start again only to have another storm come through. I then decided to run to the motel where some of the hikers I met were staying. I waited until 8 pm for it to finally stop. While I waited I got to take a shower and watch a little tv. I made it 4 miles to a camp area where I pitched my tent and went to sleep. 14.5 miles for the day.

Wood’s Hole Hostel

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