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Day 28 - relaxing in Chama (0.0 miles)

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

June 6, 2021

Miles: 0.0 miles

Steps: 7,432

This was suppose to be a nero day, hike just a few miles, but I had been able to do a lot of 30+ miles that I made up those miles to where I got ahead of schedule.

Woke up at 5:45am to the sound of a woodpecker working hard on a tree nearby. Since it was close to my normal wake up time I decided to get up and start packing so I could get to town.

I camped with another hiker last night, Butters. I camped with him a few nights ago at the Rio Vallecitos River. He caught back up with me at the border.

Luckily we camped next to a pit toilet that had toilet paper as I was all out.

Around 6:45am we made our way over to the actual Cumbres Pass trying to hitch into Chama, 12 miles to the south. Soon another hiker showed up so that made 3. Getting someone to stop for 3 hitchhikers is tough but we had a good feeling. We did have one person early on act like they were going to pick us up but said they just came to the pass to get cell coverage and were off back in the other direction.

Then around 7:30am we hear a car coming up the other side but can’t see it. Then I hear that it stopped. My first thought it was someone from Chama dropping off hikers at the trail crossing. From where we were we couldn’t see for sure so we ran over. Sure enough I was right. They had a pickup truck so the 3 of use piled in and took off down the mountain. They did say we need room for one person and a dog in the back. Turns out it was another hiker that stayed with us that river hiked 39 miles yesterday and started walking down the highway before calling it at 10pm.

Got into town around 8am just as the hotel owner was getting everything set up for the day. He had one room ready and since I had reserved first I got to check in. I was surprised I would get to check in so early but the owner takes care of the hikers.

First thing was take a shower. I wanted to do laundry as well but all the machines were being used and had to wait until the afternoon.

After taking a shower we got a ride down to the grocery store to buy supplies to get me to my next resupply in Pagosa Springs. It’s only 67 miles but lots of snow so most likely slow going. I also bought a frozen pizza as the hotel has a kitchen to cook in.

After eating I just hung out in my room relaxing and getting all my gear ready for this next section. I got my box I left at the hotel that contained my snow gear.

Looking forward to a good nights sleep on a mattress. Not having to wake up super early as the owner is driving us up back to the pass around 8/8:30am.

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