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Day 25: Stealth Site to Old Orchard Shelter (22.6 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

June 6, 2004 - I had a great night sleep. The ground was so soft, almost like sleeping on a mattress. I got an early start in hopes of catching up with Will. I ended up missing that shelter by about half a mile I found out that Will had hiked 10 more miles than me so I may not catch him. The morning hike wasn’t so bad, just a 2000 ft climb up Whitetop Mountain for a great view. Then the rest of the day was walking across loose rocks, which just kills your feet. Glad to be in camp now and eating. Eating is the most important thing in the day. I’ve stopped earlier than normal with 22.8 miles. Looks like I should get to see a great sunset. I met an older guy that has the American record in the senior Olympics in the 3000m for 60 year olds.

View from Whitetop Mountain

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