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Day 25 - done with the desert (31.1 miles)

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

June 3, 2021

Miles: 31.1 miles

Steps: 67,125

It was tough getting out of my sleeping bag this morning. Might had been something to do with waking up at 3am the day before.

Finally got out around 6:15am and hiking by 6:50am. Now that I’m done with the desert I don’t have to worry about hiking in the middle of the day because of the heat. I do have afternoon thunderstorms to worry about.

I started the morning with a quick hike up to the peak. I should have camped there as it had much better options but I had no idea of knowing.

Then stayed in the woods for awhile before heading out into a large meadow. I did have to deal with some cows. Most of the morning was out in the open as I hiked up to an alpine lake.

I got there around lunch time and found lots of people fishing, counting about 15 at one time. It had picnic tables so that was nice to actually eat at a table. Plus it had a bathroom and trash cans.

After my long break I had another 3 miles of climbing before a 2,500ft decent to my campsite for the night. Right as I started the decent I started to hear thunder. There had been dark clouds all day but not any rain. Most of the trail was out in the open and every once in awhile I would hike through the forest.

It kind of rained off and on, never really hard. Also the thunder didn’t seem that bad, never saw any lighting.

About a mile from camp the wind started picking up and starting raining. I got to the campsite as fast as I could and was surprised to see 8 other tents set up. I had not seen that many on trail before.

I set my gear under a tree to keep it as dry as possible as I sat my tent up in the rain. I was able to get it up with minimal rain inside. I threw all my stuff in and went down to the river to grab water.

Once back in my tent I changed out of my wet clothes and then ate a king size Milkyway bar for dinner. Then got my sleeping gear all set up. The rain really started to come down once in my tent. I could have used more water but didn’t want to get wet again, I’ll grab more in the morning.

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