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Day 22: Moreland Gap Shelter to Iron Mountain Shelter (30.4 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

June 3, 2004 - It was a fast 6 miles down to Dennis Love Rd to a hostel to get some snack food. Then on to Laurel Falls and got a great picture in front of the falls. The next mile was right along the river. Had the river been a little higher I would have had to taken the high trail (the safe trail). Then it was a steep climb up Pond Flat which was a climb of 2000 ft which I thought was only going to be 500 ft. Then on to Watauga Lake where Joe, Will, and I found a rope swing that went over the lake. That was a lot of fun. You could get 20 ft of air time. We met these high school girls that were hitting on Will. Then it was up the mountains and to the shelter for 30.4 miles for the day. About an hour after we got to the shelter and finished up dinner it began to rain. It went almost 3 days without raining. I knew it wouldn’t last.

Laurel Creek

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