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Day 19: Buckhorn Campground to Mill Creek Fire Station (26.3 miles)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

May 26, 2016 - One group played their music loud and late into the night. I was woken up at some point with some guys complaining about not finding a camp spot and wondering where all of us hikers had parked our cars since we took up this section of the campground.

Only had a few miles down trail to get back to the PCT. Once I got back on it was uphill until I passed highway 2 again. It was easy hiking after that down an old dirt road that basically parallel the main highway. I crossed highway 2 for the last time where I left the forest and back into high desert. The rest of the day was hiking in the exposed and hot desert. I believe I’m done with the forest until I get closer to the Sierras. The real desert is coming up soon.

Most of the day was avoiding poodle dog bush. This was the first time I really had to look out for it as it was close to the trail at times. The plant I thought early on my hike to be poodle dog bush was not it at all, I was way off. I’m in the middle of a 40 mile section of it. You really only see it in a recent burn area. I thought I did a good job of avoiding it until I got to camp and I may or may not have come into contact with it trying to walk around someone while they were setting up their tent. I went straight to the water to try and wash it off. Again I wasn’t 100% sure my leg hit it but I wasn’t taking any chances.

Had another close encounter with a rattle snake. I was so focused on the poodle dog bush I forgot to pay attention to snakes since I was in prime spot for them. It started rattling right as I got to it, I jumped up and back almost into some poodle dog bush. It looked ready to strike but I slowly went by keeping all eyes on it. I waited a few minutes to warn a guy that was close behind.

Got another day and half until I get to town and resupply. I’ve been bad about carrying too much food but I think since last resupply I’ve hit it just right.

I passed the 400 mile mark today, getting so much closer to Canada.

Hiking in Poodle Dog Bush country

Sunset at Mill Creek Firestation

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