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Day 17 - the walk into Grants (22.9 miles)

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

May 26, 2021

Miles: 22.9 miles

Steps: 48,240

Never had anyone stop by my campsite last night to tell me not to camp so I guess that’s a win.

I wanted to wake up as early as I could but not too early as I didn’t want to walk on the highway with very little shoulder in the dark. So I got on the road at 6:15am just as the sun was rising.

The first few hours I had very little traffic so it was kind of an enjoyable road walk, had nice scenery like the end of yesterday. However I still had 23 miles to town but mostly all downhill. I was able to average about 3.75 miles an hour.

My first stop for the day was a ranger station but it was closed for renovations but they kept the water on for the hikers. I didn’t stay too long as wanted to get to town.

The later in the morning the more busy the road got. For the most part people would move over a good distance but at times it was hard when there was traffic going by the other side of the road. The big trucks were the scary ones when large loads.

The nice thing about the hike was the cloud cover all day, never really got too warm which was key the last 5 miles.

Finally got to I-40 just before noon and was excited for some cold water at the gas station. The only problem was the gas station was closed, had fencing up around it. My notes about the area said it was open. The problem was I was counting on the water as I ran out about a mile before. I would have never guessed it would be closed. So I had to walk those last 5 miles into town with no water but luckily it never got too warm. I did end up eating a gu.

I arrived in Grants at 1:30pm and went to check into the hotel. The lady at the front desk even gave me a water while I waited.

Got up to my room, took a shower and did laundry. Then made a Walmart run, right next door, to pick up a few things, something cold to drink, snacks and epsom salt. Then watched a few movies until dinner time. After dinner it was time for a nice long hot soak in the epsom salt. Then to finish off the day by watching another movie.

Tomorrow I’ll take a zero day, where I don’t hike any miles. This will give my body a full day to recovery. I feel like hiking the PCT I didn’t take a zero day soon enough and I paid for it. I’m gotta be smarter this time.

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