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Day 17: Spring Mountain Shelter to Flint Mountain Shelter (21.3 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

May 29, 2004 - Since we got in last night so late we decided to sleep until 8:30am and were on the trail by 9:15 am. It was an easy day, started with 3 miles downhill, then a hard 8 miles up. The uphill was gradual and not too steep. Ate lunch at a fire tower, that was the plan, but it didn’t look safe so we went back to the trail to eat. After 15 miles on the trail we decided that we would stop at the next shelter to take a nap and eat dinner before heading on to our final shelter for the day. We put in 21.3 miles for the day. Since yesterday was longer than planned, we went easy today and try for close to 30 tomorrow. At the shelter we met 2 nice section hikers from Penn. We had a good talk about hiking gear. Bedtime for me.

Flint Mountain Shelter

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