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Day 15: CS293 to CS320 (26.6 miles)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

May 22, 2016 - Didn’t set my alarm this morning, figured I would sleep in after the long day right after a trail town stop. Weather started off nice while I spent the last few miles in the forest before heading back out in the expose upper desert. Most of today’s hike followed along Deep Creek. I just spent hours hiking along this steep trail with that wonderful water down below and no easy access to it. It really started to get hot midday. I finally got to a low spot and close enough to the creek to where I could bushwhack down to spend my lunch break and enjoy the cool water and shade. After the break I was just 3 miles from the Deep Creek Hot Springs. I had decided to pass right on by as there is always a big party scene and is always worse on weekends. I figured with it being Memorial Weekend it would be even worse. Also not to mention several people have died from contracting a deadly bacteria or something like that. Also with its hot as it was, sitting in hot water didn’t seem all that fun. I kept walking along the ridge and out of nowhere I cross over this rainbow bridge, nice to have a surprise like that. A few more miles of hiking took me to Mojave Dam, again seemed like an odd spot for a dam. Most of the day had been flat or downhill until the last 6 miles to camp. I made one last water stop before hiking the last 2 miles to my camp for the night where it was windy all the way. I probably should have made camp at the last spot because it’s so windy here. Let’s hope my tent holds up tonight.

Cooling off in the midday heat

The hike towards Deep Creek

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