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Day 12: CS235 to CS259 (23.9 miles)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

May 19, 2016 - I think that was the best night sleep I’ve had on trail, Mission Creek really took it out of me.

Slept a little longer than normal but was on trail by 6:30am and started hiking uphill so I was praying I was done with this creek hiking.

It appeared that things looked good until a few minutes of uphill turned to downhill, surely I wasn’t heading back to the creek I was thinking. It didn’t last long and I was heading out of the creek for good. Now the question was will I be able to get through the closure? With a mile to go from camp I was getting closer to knowing my fate.

I get to where the closure is suppose to be but no sign. I walk a little longer and thinking that you can hardly notice a fire happened at all, a little burnt here and there. Then I get to a sign saying there has been a recent fire and to just be careful. I’m thinking that if that’s all that is posted then I should be good. Turns out in all 15 miles of closed trail really only a mile looked bad enough to possible close.

The whole day was a cakewalk compared to yesterday, I was flying by at over 3.5mph for most of the day. I did a lot more climbing but it was very gradual and the temperature was just right. During my midday rest I had to stay out of the shade because it was too cold. I think the highest altitude I got to was around 8500ft.

Another great thing about today was the walking in and out of the forest. The forest had these huge pine trees there was just amazing to look at and when out of the woods I had some great views.

Because of the closure most people were riding to Big Bear so I didn’t see as many hikers like had been. I saw one guy in a hammock when filling up water early in the morning then didn’t see anyone else until the afternoon. This is when I come across this young German couple eating lunch. Since I hadn’t talked with anyone all day I started up a conversation. Almost always hikers will start off with a question about where they are traveling when meeting for this first time. This was kind of a funny interaction.

Me: Where you guys heading?

Girl: Big Bear

Me: Same here

(The couple both have this confused look on their face)

Girl: If you are going to Big Bear then why are you walking in the opposite direction?

(Now I have the confused look)

Me: where did you start from?

Girl: Campo.

(Now everyone is confused)

It turns out they were dropped off at the closest road crossing to the closure. When they got to the trailhead there were 3 paths to take. Their phones weren’t working so they picked the way they thought the trail should go, they picked wrong. They only hiked 2 miles in the wrong direction. Not sure how much farther they would have gone had I not stop to chat. That’s why I’m carry paper maps with me just in case my phone stops working.

Soon after I come across this kind of zoo that houses lions, tigers and bears used in movies. When I walked by all I saw were grizzly bears. Hopefully I won’t see that type of bear outside of a cage on this trip.

A mile or 2 later I come across a guy laying across the trail. As I got closer he sits up and recognized him from Ziggy & the Bear. Turns out he was dropped off with the German couple and was waiting for them. He too went the wrong direction but realized soon after but the couple were long gone.

The last few miles of the day were nice and peaceful. Right before I got to camp I had some stomach issue and really had to use the bathroom. Heading uphill there was no where to go so I picked up the pace because I knew I’ll have flat ground. Right before camp I pass this lady and arrive first. It appears the campsite only had room for one tent so I felt bad. Turns out there were a few hidden spots so there was room for both of us. I tried to tell her the only reason I sprinting pass was because I had to go but not sure if she believed me.

Taking a quick break to take in the view

Never know what you're going to find in the woods

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