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Day 12 - big mile day and rain (29.7 miles)

May 21, 2021

Miles: 29.7 miles

Steps: 65,864

I didn’t have the best night sleep but did feel better when I got up and started moving around. I wanted to get in those miles I missed yesterday.

I had about 6.5 miles on the gravel road to my next water source. I got there in no time and filled up 4 liters from the spring in the ground. This would be my last water source for 22 miles.

I had 1 more mile on the gravel road before rejoining back with the CDT from the Gila Alternate. That last mile was step but luckily I’ve had cloud cover all day so no sun beating down on me.

After getting back on the CDT it started to rain, not too hard but enough to get me wet. Plus it got windy at times so I threw on my rain jacket. It rain off and on all day until about 5pm. That really kept the temperature down and only ended up drinking 3 liters.

I did start to feel better as the day went on and was able to eat more food.

Coming down the mountain and to the road I had my last water source for the day. It was a cow trough but not as bad as I was expecting. There was one other guy there when I arrived. I chatted with him while I filtered 3 liters of water.

About half a mile down the trail I found a spot to camp. I could have gone for 30 miles because I had plenty of daylight left but didn’t want to camp too close to the main road. Tomorrow I start a 40 mile road walk into Pie Town.

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