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Day 107: CS2620 to Castle Pass (26.6 miles - 2646.4)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

August 22, 2016 - Not the best night of sleep as I set my tent up in a bad spot so if I moved at all during the night made things uncomfortable. Plus the wind was very loud but I guess all the trees blocked the wind for my tent.

Didn’t have a set time of when I wanted to get going as I only had 26 miles to go and for the most part didn’t seem too hard. When I woke up it started to rain off and on until about 8am so that’s when I decided to pack up and head out while the rain had stopped.

It was pretty cloudy and foggy starting out and would get some rain every once in awhile. The rain did turn into snow but not for very long, still weird to be hiking in snow in August.

I was hoping the rain would go away and the sun would come out by afternoon. I stopped to get water and it really started to come down but right around 12pm it stopped and I could see some blue skies. The rest of the day it was cloudy but had lots of blue openings. It was nice when the wind died down because it’s never fun hiking in rain and wind. It did rain a little bite more while I ate lunch.

Once I started back again the sky started clearing up I saw some amazing views the rest of the day.

After lunch I had my last big challenge, the hike from Rock Pass to Woody Pass. The guidebook says it’s hard because of all the washouts on the gravel trail. I found it to be easy to hike but it was steep at times. I guess the trail workers had fixed the trail and there were no rock scrambles like I was promised.

At the top of Woody Pass the sky was pretty clear looking north so I saw lots of mountains.

The rest of the day down to Castle Pass was very nice, time just flew by.

Less than 4 miles to Canada and the end of the PCT. Planning on sleeping in and taking my time to the border. It still will have 9 more miles to go after the border crossing to get to Manning Park so I can catch my bus to Vancouver.

Raining starting to decrease

Rock Pass looking north over to Woody Pass

Woody Pass looking back south at Rock Pass

Last miles of trail in Washington with Canada off in the distance

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