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Day 105: CS2565 to CS2591 (25.8 miles - 2591.1)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

August 20, 2016 - Even though I could have slept in since I only had 4 miles to High Bridge to pick up the 9:15am bus to Stehekin I didn’t want to chance the bus schedule change and the bus coming earlier.

I got to High Bridge just before 9am and cross into my last national park, North Cascade NP. It was a cool area so I explored around since I had an hour before the bus would show up.

Bus arrived right on time and to take me into Stehekin, but we made a stop at the bakery first for about 10 minutes, just enough time for everyone to get something. I had a cinnamon roll, chocolate milk, a cookie and a slice of pizza. We all got back on the bus and head to the main part of town.

Not much around but a resort with a restaurant and general store. It must be a popular spot as there were a lot of people. It appeared most of the people come by ferry across the giant lake. There were even a few seaplanes on the lake which I got to see takeoff and land.

The plan was to pick up my package from the post office that’s suppose to open at 11am then take the 11:30am bus back to the trail. I kind of wanted to take a shower and do laundry but no time unless I took the next bus that would leave at 2pm but I wanted to get in another 20 miles of hiking so I wouldn’t get back to the trail until 3pm.

Well it turns out the post office didn’t open until 12pm so I was stuck longer than I wanted and ended up having to take the 2pm bus. On the bright side I got to take a shower, laundry and eat a hot meal.

I did find out some more information about the fire in the area. It has been burning since early August and since that area hasn’t had a fire in a long time there had been lots of underbrush so they are letting it burn but keeping an eye on it.

I loaded up on the 2pm bus and was off but we still stopped at the bakery, I was way too full so I didn’t get anything.

Got on trail by 3pm and was moving fast. I figured I couldn’t get to my campsite I had planned so decided to go to Rainy Pass, 2 miles before. It was a nice hike even though it was all uphill.

I got to a creek crossing with a bridge but it seemed safer to ford the creek than use the bridge.

It got dark sooner than I thought since I was in the woods so had to use my headlamp for awhile. Wasn’t too bad but I did have some creek crossing over logs. One of the logs had been cut flat but I guess some flooding cause it to roll over so made a dangerous crossing in the dark.

I got to Rainy Pass and didn’t see any camping spots like the guidebook said so I walked to the trailhead thinking maybe they would be there, nope. I must have seen 50 cars parked around the trailhead. My next option was to hike to the creek hoping there would be a flat spot, nope. So then I just decided to go to that campsite I originally planned to go to. I end up getting in just before 11pm.

So close to the finish, can almost see Canada.

North Cascade National Park

High Bridge

Bus shuttle to Stehekin, WA

Lake Chelan

Bridge vs. river crossing

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