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Day 100: Delate Creek to CS2437 (28.6 miles - 2437.3)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

August 15, 2016 - Well it was a fun morning, just one of those mornings I wanted to sleep in. It was a steep downhill to the forest floor where I had to deal with some down trees in the burn section. Then I wasn’t paying attention to the trail and ended up missing my turn off which wasn’t very clear. I probably went about 3/4 of a mile before I realized I was off course, so really I got in over 30 miles today. I had come to a creek to ford which didn’t think I had any today but I crossed it getting my feet wet which is never fun early in the morning. Then I saw 2 trails so I checked my app which is when I saw I was way off so I make back and found the trail again. Then it was uphill in the forest with more down trees to deal with.

The higher I got the more the trail started to open up with fewer down trees to deal with plus I got some nice views of where I had hiked from, I’ve really hiked a long ways.

I stayed above the treeline for awhile which always makes the hiking seem easy but then it was back down for a long descent followed by a long accent with both very gradual up and downs.

I got to the top of Cathedral Pass with a nice view of Cathedral Rock. Then it was a quick 2 miles to camp.

I had carried a good bit of water since the guidebook or app didn’t mention anything about a water source but turned out to have a nice cold creek following right across the trail at the campsite.

Planning to wake up super early as Stevens Pass is 24 miles away and the store closes at 4pm. Gotta pick up my second to last mail drop and hopefully get a hot meal.

Above treeline

Cathedral Rock

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