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Day 10: Cable Gap Shelter to Fontana Village (5.5 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

May 22, 2004 - I’m in Fontana Village for the day. An easy 5.5 miles this morning so I got to Fontana in time for all you can eat breakfast. I ate so much I felt sick afterwards. Felt kind of weird not to hike much today. Most of the people I came into town with are staying another night but I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for the Smokey Mountains where I’ll climb the highest mountain on the AT, Clingman’s Dome. Today was a busy one; washing clothes, taking a shower, re-supplying, eating real food, and watching TV, while sleeping in a bed. I’m ready to get back to the trail.

Fontana Village hotel room with Paul, airing out the gear

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