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CDT Preview

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Since I wasn't able to thru-hike the CDT this summer I decided to use my vacation time to go check some of it out in Colorado. I've heard that the southern part through the San Juans can be tricky when there is snow on them so thats what I wanted to check out. Also, it gave me a chance to test out my new gear to see how it handles the trail.

The plan was to do a 4-5 day trip starting at Wolf Creek Pass, which is mile marker 844.1 on the CDT and head about 35 miles northwest on the CDT then loop back to Wolf Creek Pass on some side trails. It was more of a figure eight as I had to double back onto the CDT for a mile or 2.

I had a set mileage but not how far I would get each day. Below is how my days end up.

Day 1: 12.3 miles (Wolf Creek Pass-CDT 844.1 to CDT 856.4)

Day 2: 22.6 miles (CDT 856.4 to CDT 879.0)

Day 3: 17.0 miles (CDT 879.0 to CDT 865.2 via West & East Trout Creek Trail)

Day 4: 23.4 miles (CDT 865.2 to CDT 842.6 via West Fork, Windy Pas & Treasure Mt Trail)

Day 5: 1.5 miles (CDT 842.6 to Wolf Creek Pass-CDT 844.1)

I had a fun trip but it was rough and would have been a lot harder had there been snow. I just hope next time on the CDT in Colorado there won't be snow otherwise I'll probably have to skip some that San Juan section.

Below is a link to a video for each day.

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